You Have MORE than enough!

Being that this is the 21st Century and technology damn near rules the world, there is no excuse for the lack of productivity or creation. We live in a world of unbounded potential and the capability to create almost anything. It's absolutely mind blowing when i hear someone bitch about not having enough. I always laugh because all they have to do is reach in their pocket and grab their smart phone and they have a multimedia player, instrument, newspaper, radio, marketing tool, etc.  I think about the time when my dad was growing up in the 70s and how there were no computers let alone cell phones!!! It's absolutely mind blowing.

A couple years back I attended a Mind Protein Lecture led by Ralph Plumb and he mentioned that there were more cell phones owned in the U.S. than there were tooth brushes. Let that shit sink in...

Aside from that fact being completely disgusting and disappointing, it's depressing! It makes me mad that I've ever bitched about not having the right tools.
This last year i will shamefully admit that i was one of these people complaining about not having the right equipment for the job. I made a decision to upgrade my studio equipment and didn't want anything to do with my old stuff. Basically, if it wasn't new and shiny i didn't want it. It took about 2-3 videos of  The Recording Revolution by Graham Cochrane that i remembered i had enough to make a good body of work.

I started creating everything that came to mind no matter what tools i had in front of me. Not only did my work improve i felt like i was able to catch inspiration a lot faster.
Before i HAD to have a certain pen and a certain journal, now I use the standard notepad that comes with my iPhone and I'm jotting ideas the second they hit.

So what tools do you have in front of you right now that you have you could be using to capture your inspiration when it hits?
I'll leave you guys with this.


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  • Bear
    Good stuff babe. Lovin your mentality! (I expect a cut of pay or a big fat I told you so moment. ;-) )

    Good stuff babe. Lovin your mentality! (I expect a cut of pay or a big fat I told you so moment. ;-) )

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