Rest Day

Not too Long ago I read a book by Jack Canfield by the name of "The Success Principles". It is easily one of the best self help books i've ever read. The entire book Canfield outlines his 46 principles of success and goes into complete detail on how tostructure your life to become more successful. Since i read the book i've noticed little things that i do on a daily basis and a changed perspective. Once you complete the book there are number of free success tools to download. Everything from a One-Year Planning Guide to a Victory Log and even and Mastermind Strategy Guide. If you are interested in checking them out... 

Here is the link to them>> 
Anyway one of the free pdfs that i received i noticed there was a calendar with 3 categories to label each day. A Best day, Rest day, and Prep day. For the longest time i always thought that a rest day didn't exist in the world of chasing what i am chasing. I saw it as counter productive and detrimental to the work. It was until i read Jack Canfield's "The Success Principles" did i notice that in actuality the rest day is just important as the work day and the prep day. It's crazy to think about but it's much like the body after a work out. You need time to let the muscles relax before killing them again. 

Today was just that for me. I got together with my woman and decided to take it easy and let the creative juices take some rest before i hit it hard again tomorrow. 
As a word of advice, these days are so vital that you actually get rest. I've noticed that trying to go out late drinking or staying up too damn late is played out and causes more creative damage than anything. The whole club thing and night life is played out anyways. Live fast and Let your creative side die young. 



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  • Bear
    Great Post Babe!! This makes me gleam with pride! You are amazing.

    Great Post Babe!! This makes me gleam with pride! You are amazing.

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