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So not to long ago I watched a series of lectures by Tiago Forte on productivity and GTD. (Short for "Getting Things Done") The lectures were absolutely incredible. The whole coarse was around 90 minutes and by the end of it I was starting over the lectures so i could pick up what things i missed. Here is a link to the lectures if you guys are interested in watching. 

The picture to your left is one of Tiago's graphs from the lectures describing the GTD workflow. The reason i'm sharing it with you guys is because it's been such a pivotal part of my project "IDENTITY". The results are ridiculous. I've become a machine and it's requiring the same amount of work if not less to get shit done. Songs are being wrote faster, the session files are way more organized, and the mini projects within "IDENTITY" are all getting done and kept track of. Everything!  What's really crazy is it's not just music, it's my life outside of music as well. Go watch the lectures... I promise you won't regret it. 

On another note, Today i finished the first verse for a potential single. Once i finished the first 16bars I sent it off to my mix engineer out in LA and he loved the track. Definitely looking forward to your guys' reactions once the song is released.


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  • Bear
    Great post babe!

    Great post babe!

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