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Today I broke out the ole pens and pencils and began sketching the work for an unreleased hat that is going to be a part of the NY merch collection. (Soon to Release)
The reason I wanted to share this is because i wanted to give you guys an idea as to how deep the creative process goes into making quality work.

Now to be clear, i haven't drawn consistently in about six years but i didn't let that stop me. Too often people look at the workload they have in front of them and don’t even begin.

Mark Twain said it best, “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”

So what is it that you've been putting off that you could start right now?
Tiago Forte has a few great rules that I keep in mind when planning my workload

1. If it takes less than two minutes then go do it!
2. DELEGATE!-if it's something that someone else can do to 80% of the caliber, have them do it.
3. Defer- if it takes longer than two minutes and someone else cant do it to the quality  then assign a date and block out the time to get the work done.

With these things in mind, we are able to process things quicker and start on the things that will allow a more creative open mind.


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  • Bear
    Very Impressive.

    Very Impressive.

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