Believe in Yourself and What You are Doing!

About 5 minutes prior to me writing this post i was having one of the best conversations about business I've ever had. The reason i dedicated today's post to this conversation is because not only was it such a pivotal point of the "IDENTITY" journey, but i thought the dynamics would be something worth sharing. The conversation started out like any other conversation then BOOM i was completely and utterly enthralled and devoted to the present moment.

So first thing... what made this conversation possible? What things kept it alive? Why did i have this convo?

I could come up with a million things or reasons but the one word that comes to my mind is belief.

I'm talking real belief. Unshaken positivity. 100% certainty! THAT was the key to this great conversation.

I had BELIEF in my product. BELIEF in my analytics. BELIEF in my talent. BELIEF that i was doing exactly what i was supposed to. You get the point. Now we talked about everything from sales, PR, marketing, advertising, and promotion. I was talking about this website and the importance of my blog posts, the facebook campaigns, where I'm going to be touring, my team, my band, the artists I'll work with in the near future, funding. I mean EVERYTHING...

but it all boils back down to this, my time here on earth is limited and i BELIEVE that i can create something that will stand the test of time or inspire someone.
My belief is my fuel.

Belief is the catalyst for passion, determination, and visualization. When you believe in something all of a sudden your given this damn near mystical power to work ass off. You feel rejuvenated and light. Nothing can stop you. It truly is your fuel.

If i accomplish nothing more in this world, i want to instill belief in people.

HENRY FORD said it best! "Whether you think you can or think you're right"

My whole stance is this: BELIEVE in what it is you are working and never stop believing. Like the band Journey said "Dont Stop Believin!"
You never know how incredible the repercussions could be!


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  • Bear
    Killer Post.

    Killer Post.

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