Lyrics Completed

Today was such a pivotal day. I completed the lyrics for a  track that i started on Wednesday. I know to most people that 2 days might seem like a long time but the amount of work and thought that is going into all of this project is far beyond anything that i've worked on. What's really crazy is hearing the differences and seeing the maturity of the song along the way. Anyway, that track name is called "Know My Name" and It's composed by Patrick Woolam. He always sings the chorus. We built this gem on garageband and will end up taking it into the studio and track everything live. Between this track and the other ones for IDENTITY there is roughly 40 minutes of completed work. For those of you who don't know, my last project was only about 30 minutes long. I'm making sure that you guys get your money's worth on this go around. Tomorrow I'll be working on merch designs and getting in touch with my booking manager Ariell. The time is getting closer... i can feel it. 

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