Most people have a dream, but donʼt dare to chase it. Most people drop out of college, but donʼt have the drive to make it. Nico Yoch, since he was 9, has had his dream and isnʼt going to let any odds stand in his way. His dream – to be the next big business man of hip-hop.

Nico Anthony Yoch, born December 28, 1989 at Shawnee Mission Medical Center, has a true lyrical talent when it comes to sharing his story. He comes from a split family and has a younger brother named Derrick. His passion for hip-hop started in 3rd grade while watching two other kids write lyrics. The sports scene took off for him as he pursued football over music. Unfortunately, an injury to the knee ended his time on the football field. But unlike most others who suffer a career-ending injury, he used his competitive spirit toward pole-vaulting. This new venture became a newfound passion and gave him the opportunity to compete and win at State. The University of Kansas called him with the opportunity to be a part of the track and field team.

Nico went the route most people take: graduate high school, go to college, then what? His time as a college student became less desirable to him and music started to fill the void. He built a studio inside his dorm room and became infatuated with the mic again. After a lot of trials and after many decisions needing to be made, he chose to fully accomplish his dreams with music. His long time friend, Cheston Farage, helped him realize that music was the path he needed to take. His first mixtape, The Peter Parker Mixtape, dropped in the beginning of 2011. It was an attempt to get his feet wet and make himself heard. After the popularity of his songs on ReverbNation and Nicoʼs personal website,, he began his string of shows through the spring and summer. He started off at the Granada in Lawrence, Kansas and worked his way through Jackpot and Granada (opening for Chris Webby). He sold out the Nowhere Bar at the historical Uptown Theater in Kansas City, Missouri and competed at the Granada to open for Eminem at KanʼRockʼSas. He was a finalist and performed at Aftershock in Kansas City. After the competition, he felt inspired to do another album to feed the hunger of his fans.

He began his project, “No Days Off,” as an expression of his existence. This journey steps into the life, heart and soul of an ordinary guy. It is a colorful exploit of someone with no name making his fantasy come alive through musical commentary. His team, Legendary Entertainment, is working to bring Nicoʼs story to the stage and leave his legacy among millions of fans.